All about Post Nasal Drip and Bad Breth

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Your body makes mucus continuously in order to trap tiny particles to stop them filtering into the breathing system and cause infections. Though you normally swallow mucus, sometimes it causes a sensation of dripping from the back of your nose.This is what is referred to as Post-nasal drip. This comes about as a result of mucus building up in the back of the throat and nose.

Causes Of Post-nasal Drip

It can be as a result of various medical conditions including sinusitis, viral infections, allergies , rhinitis , or bacterial infections . In some cases it can be as a result of reflux, or gastro esophageal reflux disease. 

Post Nasal Drip Bad Breath

The most common cause of chronic bad breath in most patients is linked to postnasal drip and excess mucus . This has led many doctors to recommend daily hypertonic nasal washes for all bad breath treatments.

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Symptoms Of Post Nasal Drip

-The need to clear your throat continuously: This is the most common symptom. When mucus drains from your sinus, it collects at the top of your throat. This causes hoarseness of your voice and the need to clear your throat frequently . 

- Frequent swallowing or constantly feeling something trapped at the back of your throat. This is brought about by excess mucus and post natal drip. You may also feel a lump in your throat.

-Sore throat : You may also develop continuous sore throat that do not result into any illness. Post nasal drip causes the cilia to stop functioning properly. This leads to a collection of mucus on the throat and nasal lining causing irritation and inflammation. This usually presents clinically as a sore throat. Treating this condition with antibiotics makes it even worse.

-Small crystals lodged in your tonsils : These are either white or yellow in color. Production of excess mucus causes an increase in anaerobic bacteria which feed on the mucus because of its high protein content. These bacteria then make condensed sulphur granules known as Tonsilloliths which are deposited at the back of the throat. Every time you touch the back of your throat with your tongue , it carries the tonsilloliths into the folds of the tonsils. If you pick these granules with a Q tip , you will notice the foul post nasal drip bad breath that they produce.

-Nasal and Sinus congestion: If you experience hardship in breathing through the nose , or you breath through your mouth, then you are likely to have excess mucus or postnasal drip , which are causing your nasal congestion.

Post Nasal Drip Triggers

-Inhaled irritants: This is the most common cause of PND. Too much dust or sensitivity to particles in the air can cause an allergic reaction or rhinitis .

-Dairy products : Such products as yoghurt, cheese , milk, and soya products can cause mucus to thicken. This can interfere with proper drainage of mucus.

-Allergies to certain foods: Allergies to foods such as wheat , milk , nuts, or eggs can cause mucus to thicken and thus interfere with its drainage.

-Illnesses: Such illnesses as bronchitis, colds , ear infections, and tonsillitis are major causes of PND and excess mucus .

Prevention and Treatment of Postnasal Drip

-Decongestants can help a stuffy nose and pain relievers can be used to manage pain. In some cases antibiotics can be prescribed to treat bacteria infections.

-Where allergies are the cause of the post-nasal drip ,over- the- counter antihistamines can be prescribed to help with the symptoms.

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